My name is Laure

I am creative prospective consultant & artistic director

Empathy, innovation and meaning are the keywords of our time. 


I love to think that what we know ain't an universal truth, and be excited about the alternatives, about the evolutions.

My job is to guide you to link your brand DNA with global trends through relevant concepts and storytellings. 


Let's craft together tomorrow's creation !

Justin Dingwall

Laure was able to show great creative intuition but also an excellent concept vision that allowed us to successfully carry out various cosmetic projects. Other strong points: a real capacity of adaptation and a very good resistance to pressure. Working with her makes it possible to combine performance and the pleasure of exchange!

Elodie Gelsomino

Brand Manager - Professionnal Haircare


Laure has been active for several seasons in the Première Vision international consultations, fashion, materials and colors. She brings a fine and sharp vision within the group of experts and stylists and feeds the collective reflections of seasonal prospects.

Pascaline Wilhelm

Fashion Director


Laure has been with us for over 2 years at Universal. Each year, their "Big Trends" and an ad hoc study are presented to the employees, and each edition is eagerly awaited, it's a great moment of collective inspiration & sharing - and everyone leaves with lots ideas for his projects

Hélène Audouard

Head of Creative Strategy


We already collaborate together on great projects 

I am always excited about new projects,

and I am sure yours is awesome !


I am a free bird but you can easily catch me here



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