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Hi ! My name is Laure Nicolaï

After graduating from Esmod Paris as Fashion Designer, I started my career as trend designer in one of the most famous trend agency in Paris. Since then I have never left the world of trends, a wonderful field of expression and understanding.

With 10 years of experience, navigating alongside major brands as well as emerging designers, I continue to explore the paths of the future in sectors as varied as fashion, beauty, music, innovation...


Passionate and curious, I travel around the world to learn and re-learn, reshaping my knowledge about human-being behaviors and cultures. 

My work method is to combine my global expertise, my empathy & understanding skills , and my creative instinct to craft fresh and innovative stories adapted to consumer's need. 

I am also very lucky to be surrounded by a fabulous team of other talented freelancers: graphic designers, marketers, web designers, fashion designers... who can enhance each project with a multifaceted and inspired vision.


Trends & Prospective consulting, Artistic Direction, Brand Identity

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